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Series 1 (2016)

Love At First Sight

Mr Red Blob meets someone at a nightclub, and it's love at first sight.

By The Seaside

Mr. Red Blob, his family and his local community head for a trip down to the seaside.

The Toddler Terror

The toddlers try to annoy the parents in many different ways, including using a Red Nose Robot.

The Toddler Terror 2: The Haunted House

The toddlers go into the haunted house. But, Mr Red Blob, has a special power which anyone who goes into the haunted house gets: teleportation. He goes in with the toddlers and decides to get his own back...

The Toddler Terror 3: Toddlers Go Missing

The toddlers go missing using the teleportation powers that only people inside the haunted house get. The grown-ups go to find them, but have the toddlers really gone missing? Or has somebody kidnapped them?

Into the Sea

Mr Red Blob is bathing in a cold lake. Suddenly, the tap pours out hot water which Mr Red Blob could die if he touched it. Will he escape in time?

Going to Mars

Mr Red Blob and his friends go on a trip to Mars, but the Martians living there don't like the tourists so try to get rid of them. And what has happened to the toddlers?

Kidnapping the Kids

The Martians have kidnapped the children... again! But Mr Red Blob and his crew have set off in order to rescue them. But one of the children had been brainwashed before they arrived there. Will they make it? And will the brainwashed child ever recover?

Martians Strike Back

The long-awaited series finale is finally here! The Martians are on the chase again and Mr Red Blob is captured. Will he get saved?

Cyberbullying Special

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Hannah learns about cyberbullying when one of her friends posts a nasty comment about one of her recent photos that she had uploaded to Facebook.

Mr Red Blob Short: The Snowman

Mr Red Blob and the toddlers find a snowman, who they chase vividly until the Snowman starts chasing them.

Mr Red Blob Short: Santa Claus

Santa Claus accidentally wakes the toddlers up, but he has a hard time trying to get them back to bed.

Mr Red Blob Short: The Snowglobe

Mr Red Blob and the toddlers find a snowglobe in the middle of the playground. They decide to go around it as if it was a carousel and even attempt to make it snow inside.

Mr Red Blob Short: Advent Calendar

Hannah is babysitting the toddlers when they suddenly find an advent calendar. The toddlers go searching for chocolate, which they do find before Hannah has a chance to stop them.

Series 2 (2017 - 2019)

Website Trailer

Mr Red Blob launches a new website, and gathers everyone together to celebrate.

The Olden Days

Mr Red Blob wants to tell his children about what his childhood was like. He shows them some old photos and even travels back in time.

Silence is Goldfish

When Tess finds out about that Jack isn't her real father, she sets out to find her real father who is closer than she thinks.

Toddler Tactics: The Television

Ellie has to choose which thing she loves most. Ellie and her friends decide to take the television. Mr Red Blob runs after them. But it does not end well...

All Harry Potter Films In Less Than Five Minutes

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We've summarised what took Warner Bros. 17 hours of film and JK Rowling 4000 pages in just five minutes. Enjoy!

Toddler Tactics: Home Alone

The toddlers are left alone with Hannah and Jake, who isn't very bothered about the toddlers. But little do the parents or the babysitters know that they are letting the toddlers destroy their home...

Toddler Tactics: The Bathroom

The toddlers try and have a bath together, but it doesn't seem to go well...

One Cold Winter's Day

Ellie and Hannah want everyone to get together and play tag outside just like they did in the autumn. But can they persuade Mr Red Blob?

A BOOK advert

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For World Book Day, we made an advert on why you should read books.

The Martians Get Revenge (Part 1)

It's just another normal, happy day in Mr Red Blob's household until the Martians show up and take the children. Will they get them back? And how?

The Martians Get Revenge (Part 2)

Mr Red Blob, Mrs Pink Blob and Mrs Orange Blob have gone to Mars to find their children, but will they find them? And what will happen if they do?

Treat or Trick?

Mr Red Blob and his children go trick-or-treating, getting sweets from neighbours to add to their stash. But two children are jealous and decide to take action...

Series 3 (2020 - 2021)

A Message from Mr Red Blob

Mr Red Blob talks about what he's been up to in the past few months.

The Monster

Mr Red Blob and his family go out walking, but a mysterious monster is following them...

A Christmas Special

Mr Red Blob wants to get home to his family, but his boss wants him to do something first.

Book Trailers Coming Soon!

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To celebrate World Book Day, Mr Red Blob and his friends made a few book trailers, which will be released throughout March 2021.

Alice in Wonderland Book Trailer

Alice falls into a hole, and a strange new world...

Romeo and Juliet Book Trailer

Romeo and Juliet want to be together, but their families are stopping them...

Matilda Book Trailer

Matilda just wants to read and learn, but some things are stopping her from doing so...

The Playdate

Ellie invites the other three toddlers over for a play date. But when it's time for the other toddlers to go, Ellie does everything she can to prevent Mr Red Blob from making them leave the house...